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Olfor was established in 2007 to work on the fastener market. Within a few years of its existence, we met the needs of our clients, and we specialized in riveting. With the development of the Polish economy this way of fastening, thanks to its simplicity, has become very popular. After upsize our offer on almost all elements of riveting, we decided to enter tools market - riveters. This is why we established brand RivOl - professional pneumatic riveting machines, both rivets and rivet nuts. Our tools are designed to work on the lines of mass production. In the production of rivet tools we focused on the fact that first of all they are reliable, handy and easy to use.


STROKE CONTROL This adjustment is necessary to properly pull the rivet nuts. If the stroke is too long, You can break the mandrel or the thread in rivet nuts. When the stroke is too short, the blind rivet nut can rotate in the hole. It is necessary to adjust the stroke and pulling force.

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